Emma Hayes Takes the Helm at USWNT: Chelsea Success, Olympic Preparation, and New Goals

Emma Hayes, the new head coach of the United States Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT), brings tons of experience and success from her time at Chelsea FC.

Let’s dive into her background,  what she’s bringing to the USWNT, and what we can expect as the team gears up for the Olympics.

Key Points: Emma Hayes Takes the Helm at USWNT

BackgroundEmma Hayes led Chelsea FC‘s women’s team for 12 years.
Chelsea Achievements6 WSL Titles
5 FA Cups
2 Continental Cups
– UEFA final in 2021
Olympic PreparationLess than 10 weeks to prep USWNT for the Olympics.
Focus Areas– Manage injuries
– Build trust
– Maintain high expectations
Tactical ApproachVersatile Formations
– Emphasis on wide play
– Adapt to players
Man-Management Skills– Elite leadership
– One-on-one meetings
Goals for USWNT– Olympic prep
– Evolve USWNT culture
– Integrate youth, creativity
Notable PlayersSam Kerr
Fran Kirby
Pernille Harder
Eniola Aluko
Lauren James

Chelsea Success

Emma Hayes spent 12 years as the head coach of Chelsea FC’s women’s team, leading them to an impressive 16 trophies. Here are some highlights of her time there:

Key Achievements:

  • 6 WSL Titles: Hayes won six Women’s Super League titles (2015, 2017-18, 2019-20, 2020-21, 2021-22, 2022-23), a record number for any coach.
  • FA Women’s Cup: She secured five FA Women’s Cup titles, more than any other WSL coach.
  • Continental League Cup: Chelsea won the FA Women’s Continental League Cup twice (2020, 2023).
  • UEFA Women’s Champions League: Hayes led Chelsea to their first-ever UEFA Women’s Champions League final in 2021.

Hayes’ Chelsea teams were known for their attacking, free-flowing style, scoring 482 goals in 190 games, which averages 2.5 goals per game.

She also developed world-class players like Sam Kerr, Fran Kirby, Eniola Aluko, and Lauren James.

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Olympics Preparation

With less than 10 weeks to get the USWNT ready for the Summer Olympics in France, Hayes faces a tough challenge.

She knows the team needs work to get back to championship form since other teams no longer fear the USWNT like they used to.

Her focus is on getting the team to play their best, not just on winning gold.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Injury Management: Key players like Alyssa Naeher, Alex Morgan, Jaedyn Shaw, and Naomi Girma are dealing with injuries.
  • Building Trust: Hayes plans to meet with each player individually to build trust and understand their needs.
  • High Expectations: She wants to keep the USWNT’s tradition of high expectations while also making some changes.

Challenges and Approach

Emma Hayes is bringing at least five assistants from Chelsea, including Denise Reddy, and has been working with interim coach Twila Kilgore.

Her approach includes tactical flexibility, strong leadership, and a winning mentality.

Tactical Flexibility:

  • Versatile Formations: Hayes doesn’t stick to one formation. At Chelsea, she switched between 4-3-3 and 3-4-3 based on the players and opponents.
  • Wide Play Emphasis: She likes using wingers and overlapping fullbacks to attack from wide areas.
  • Adaptability: Hayes is great at adapting her tactics to fit her best players and counter the opponent’s strengths.

Man-Management Skills:

  • Elite Leadership: Hayes is praised for her ability to build a winning mentality within her teams, similar to Sir Alex Ferguson.
  • Building Trust: She believes in leading fairly and building trust with players through one-on-one meetings.

Goals for the USWNT

Emma Hayes has clear goals and priorities for the USWNT:

Immediate Focus on Olympics:

  • Olympic Preparation: Her top short-term goal is getting the USWNT ready for the 2024 Summer Olympics in France.

Embrace USWNT Culture While Allowing Evolution:

  • High Expectations: Hayes wants to keep the USWNT’s tradition of high expectations.
  • Cultural Evolution: She aims to combine the best parts of the USWNT’s DNA with her successful “Chelsea model.”

Integrate Youth and Develop Creativity:

  • Youth Integration: Hayes wants to give opportunities to young talents like Jaedyn Shaw and Olivia Moultrie.
  • Creative Talent: She believes the US lacks creative players and aims to address this need.

Implement Flexible Tactics:

  • Tactical Plans: Hayes wants the USWNT to have different strategies for different opponents.

Instill Ruthless Winning Mentality:

  • Winning Mentality: Hayes wants to bring back the grit and determination that the USWNT was known for.

Notable Coaching Achievements

Emma Hayes has had an amazing coaching career, especially at Chelsea FC. Here are some of her top accomplishments:

  • WSL Titles: Won six Women’s Super League titles.
  • FA Women’s Cup: Secured five FA Women’s Cup titles.
  • UEFA Women’s Champions League: Led Chelsea to their first-ever UEFA Women’s Champions League final.
  • FIFA Women’s Coach: Named The Best FIFA Women’s Coach in 2021.

Successful Players:

  • Sam Kerr: Australian striker and two-time WSL Golden Boot winner.
  • Fran Kirby: Chelsea’s all-time leading goalscorer and FWA Footballer of the Year in 2018.
  • Pernille Harder: Danish international and record transfer fee holder.
  • Eniola Aluko: Prolific goalscorer and two-time WSL Golden Boot winner.
  • Lauren James: Young English talent and PFA Women’s Young Player of the Year in 2022.

Emma Hayes’ ability to bring out the best in her players has been a key part of her success at Chelsea.


Emma Hayes comes with a proven track record and a clear vision for bringing the USWNT back to the top.

With her tactical flexibility, strong leadership, and focus on developing young talent, Hayes is ready to lead the USWNT to new heights, starting with a strong performance at the Summer Olympics in France.

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