James Harden’s Net Worth, Career, Lifestyle, Personal Life and Many More

James Harden’s net worth in 2024 is astounding.

Known as “The Beard” for his unique facial hair, Harden’s rise to NBA fame is nothing short of inspiring.

Let’s dive into Harden’s estimated net worth in 2024, his basketball journey, business ventures, lifestyle, and personal life.

James Harden
James Harden displays his custom helmet

Key Highlights

Net Worth (2024)$165 million
NBA Achievements10-time All-Star, 7-time All-NBA, Sixth Man of the Year, 3-time scoring champion, 2-time assists leader, MVP
TeamsThunder, Rockets, Nets, 76ers, Clippers
CollegeArizona State (19.0 PPG, 5.4 RPG, 3.7 APG; Pac-10 POY, First Team All-American)
First NBA Contract2-year, $4.76M with Thunder
Rockets Contract5-year, $80M; 4-year, $228M extension
EndorsementsTherabody, Pura, BodyArmor, Vanguart, Gopuff, Block, Inc
Adidas Deal13-year, $200M, earns $22M annually

James Harden’s Net Worth in 2024

In 2024, Harden’s net worth is a whopping $165 million.

This huge amount comes from his NBA contracts, endorsements, investments, and other ventures.

He has cleverly turned his success on the court into many opportunities off the court.

James Harden Net Worth
Harden’s in China thank; Source: Instagram

James Harden’s Journey to Stardom

Early Life and Education

James Harden was born on August 26, 1989, in Los Angeles, California.

His basketball talent was clear from a young age.

He went to Artesia High School in Lakewood, California, and led his team to two state titles.

At Arizona State University, he shone even brighter, earning the title of Pac-10 Player of the Year.

Harden’s Income with the Thunder

Harden was drafted by the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2009 as the third overall pick.

He quickly became a key player and won the NBA Sixth Man of the Year award in 2012.

James Harden's Income with the Thunder
Harden’s at Clippers

Harden’s Contract with the Rockets

In 2012, Harden moved to the Houston Rockets, where his stardom truly began.

The Rockets signed him to a five-year contract worth $80 million.

Harden became one of the league’s top scorers and playmakers, solidifying his legacy.

James Harden’s Stats

Career Stats Overview

Harden’s career numbers show just how good he is. Here are his key stats:

  • Games Played: 1,072
  • Minutes Per Game: 34.7
  • Points Per Game: 24.1
  • Rebounds Per Game: 5.6
  • Assists Per Game: 7.1
  • Steals Per Game: 1.5
  • Blocks Per Game: 0.6
  • Field Goal Percentage: 44.1%
  • 3-Point Percentage: 36.4%
  • Free Throw Percentage: 86.1%

2023-24 Regular Season

In the 2023-24 season, Harden kept up his impressive play:

  • Games Played: 72
  • Minutes Per Game: 34.3
  • Points Per Game: 16.6
  • Rebounds Per Game: 5.1
  • Assists Per Game: 8.5
  • Steals Per Game: 1.1
  • Blocks Per Game: 0.8
  • Field Goal Percentage: 42.8%
  • 3-Point Percentage: 38.1%
  • Free Throw Percentage: 87.8%

Harden’s won lots of awards, including being a 10-time NBA All-Star, a 1-time NBA MVP (2018), and a 6-time All-NBA First Team selection. He even won the Sixth Man of the Year award in 2012.

James Harden's Income
James Harden's Net Worth, Career, Lifestyle, Personal Life and Many More 11

James Harden’s Career Points

Harden has scored an amazing 25,885 career points in the regular season. This puts him among the best scorers in NBA history.

James Harden’s Salary Per Game

For the 2023-24 season with the Los Angeles Clippers, Harden earns $434,634 per game. This is based on his $35,680,595 salary for the season, divided by the 82 regular season games.

Teams Harden Has Played For

Oklahoma City Thunder (2009-2012)

Harden started his NBA career with the Oklahoma City Thunder. He was drafted third overall in 2009 and quickly made an impact, winning the Sixth Man of the Year award in 2012.

Houston Rockets (2012-2021)

After a trade to the Houston Rockets, Harden’s career took off. He became the team’s star, won the MVP award in 2018, and earned multiple All-Star selections.

Brooklyn Nets (2021-2022)

Harden then joined the Brooklyn Nets, teaming up with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Despite some challenges, he made a big impact.

Philadelphia 76ers (2022-2023)

Traded to the 76ers, Harden continued to impress, showing off his playmaking and scoring skills.

Los Angeles Clippers (2023-present)

As of October 31, 2023, Harden plays for the Los Angeles Clippers, joining stars like Russell Westbrook, Kawhi Leonard, and Paul George.

James Harden
James Harden's Net Worth, Career, Lifestyle, Personal Life and Many More 12

James Harden’s Current Team

Harden currently plays for the Los Angeles Clippers. This recent trade has him playing for his hometown team, aiming to make a big impact alongside other top players.

James Harden’s Business Acumen

Harden’s Endorsement Income

Harden’s appeal to major brands has resulted in lucrative endorsement deals.

His 13-year partnership with Adidas, worth $200 million, stands out.

These endorsements significantly boost his net worth, showing his marketability on and off the court.

Harden Contract Length and Salary

Over the years, Harden has signed several monumental contracts, including a four-year deal with the Rockets worth $228 million, one of the richest in NBA history at the time. As of the 2023-24 season, Harden’s salary with the Los Angeles Clippers is $35.6 million, underlining his value as one of the league’s premier talents.

James Harden's Salary
James Harden’s Salary

James Harden’s Investments

Beyond basketball, Harden has shown a keen interest in investments, including stakes in sports drink company BodyArmor and the Houston Dynamo of Major League Soccer. These savvy investments have diversified his income streams and contributed to his overall net worth.

Harden’s Other Sources of Income

Harden’s ventures also extend to the tech and fashion industries, further showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit. His involvement in various businesses underscores his understanding of the value of broadening his financial portfolio.

James Harden's Other Source of Income
James Harden Lifestyle

The Lifestyle of James Harden

Harden’s House

In 2020, Harden bought a $10 million mansion in Houston, Texas.

This lavish estate shows his success, featuring a gym, theatre, library, game room, wine room, and an infinity swimming pool.

James Harden House
Houston Rockets guard Harden paid $10 million for this über modern LEED-certified home in Rivercrest.COURTESY OF FRANKEL BUILDING GROUP

Harden’s Cars

Harden’s love for luxury cars is clear.

His collection includes a Chevrolet Camaro SS, Bentley Bentayga, Rolls Royce Wraith, and more, showing his taste for the finer things in life.

Harden’s Charity Work

Harden’s charitable efforts, especially through his foundation “3 The Harden Way,” focus on providing scholarships and educational opportunities for the youth.

His commitment to giving back is as impressive as his achievements on the court.

James Harden
James Harden's Net Worth, Career, Lifestyle, Personal Life and Many More 13

Harden’s Achievements and Records

Harden’s NBA career is decorated with many awards, including the NBA MVP in 2018, multiple NBA scoring titles, and All-Star selections.

His consistent high-level performance has solidified his status as one of the league’s best players.

Harden’s Ethnicity

Harden is African American. His parents, Monja Willis and James Harden Sr., are both African American, which shapes his cultural background.

Members of Harden’s Family

Immediate Family

  • Mother: Monja Willis
  • Father: James Harden Sr.


  • Older Sister: Arnique Jelks (a stylist and interior designer)
  • Older Half-Brother: Akili Roberson (played college football at Kansas and pursued a pro basketball career overseas)

Harden’s mom, Monja Willis, has been a huge influence, supporting his basketball career and keeping him on the right path.

Harden’s Current Girlfriend

Harden’s current girlfriend is Jessyka Janshel. They’ve been seen together at various events, and their relationship has gotten media attention.

Relationship Between Jessyka Janshel and James Harden

Jessyka Janshel is known as Harden’s girlfriend.

They’ve been spotted at public events together, showing their relationship status.

In closing

James Harden’s journey from a young basketball hopeful in Los Angeles to an NBA superstar and successful businessman is inspiring.

His ability to excel both on the court and in his personal ventures speaks volumes about his work ethic and determination.

Harden has not only left a mark on basketball but also set a standard for athletes leveraging their success into meaningful off-court achievements.


What is James Harden’s career-high in points?

Harden scored a career-high 61 points in a game against the San Antonio Spurs in 2019.

How old is James Harden?

Harden will be 34 years old in 2024..

Does Harden have any business ventures?

Yes, Harden has multiple business ventures, including investments in sports teams, the fashion industry, and technology startups.

What are Harden’s height and weight?

Harden is 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 220 pounds.

What is Harden’s jersey number?

Harden wears jersey number 1 with the Philadelphia 76ers.

What kind of shoes does Harden wear?

Harden wears his own Adidas signature shoes, like the Harden Vol. 7.

Where is Harden’s house located?

Harden lives in a 26,000 sq ft mansion in the Rivercrest area of Houston, Texas.

Does Harden have a twin brother?

No, Harden does not have a twin brother.

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