Caitlin Clark's Left Off Team USA, Net Worth, Height, Age, Engaged & More

Left Off Team USA

Caitlin Clark wasn’t picked for the 2024 Paris Olympics due to Team USA’s depth at guard, fan reaction concerns, and her inconsistent shooting and high turnover rate.

Height and Weight

Caitlin Clark is 6 feet tall and weighs around 150-154 pounds.

Net Worth

Estimated net worth: $3-5 million, boosted by NIL deals, a $338,000 rookie contract, and a $28 million Nike deal.

Engagement Status

No, Caitlin Clark is not engaged but is in a long-term relationship with Connor McCaffery.


Caitlin Clark is a guard for the Indiana Fever, known for her ball-handling, assists, and scoring.

WNBA Ranking

Ranked 6th among WNBA rookies for the 2024 season by ESPN.

Jersey Number

Caitlin Clark wears jersey number 22.


Caitlin Clark is 22 years old.