Find Out The NBA Champions From The Last 10 Years


The Denver Nuggets emerged as champions, defeating the Miami Heat. The Finals MVP was Nikola Jokić, who also led in points, rebounds, and assists for the playoffs


The Golden State Warriors claimed the title by defeating the Boston Celtics. Stephen Curry was named Finals MVP


The Milwaukee Bucks won the championship against the Phoenix Suns with Giannis Antetokounmpo earning the Finals MVP honor


The Los Angeles Lakers were victorious over the Miami Heat, and LeBron James received the Finals MVP award


The Toronto Raptors captured their first title by defeating the Golden State Warriors. Kawhi Leonard was the Finals MVP


The Golden State Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers, with Kevin Durant taking home the Finals MVP award


Again, the Golden State Warriors triumphed over the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Kevin Durant was named Finals MVP


The Cleveland Cavaliers secured the championship against the Golden State Warriors, with LeBron James as the Finals MVP


The Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Andre Iguodala was awarded the Finals MVP


The San Antonio Spurs won against the Miami Heat, with Kawhi Leonard being named Finals MVP

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