How to Safely Watch the Rare Total Solar Eclipse on April 8

– A total solar eclipse will occur on April 8, visible across parts of the continental United States for the first time in six years.

– The eclipse's 115-mile-wide path starts over the South Pacific Ocean and crosses Mexico, the U.S. (from Texas to Maine), and Canada.

– Protective eyewear is essential for viewing the eclipse to prevent permanent eye damage.

– Looking directly at the sun without proper protection is unsafe, except during the totality phase when the moon completely covers the sun.

– During totality, it's safe to view the eclipse without glasses for a brief period when the sun is fully obscured.

– Eclipse glasses must meet specific safety standards (ISO-approved) and cover both eyes entirely, blocking over 99.999% of sunlight.

– Using cameras, binoculars, or telescopes without a special solar filter to view the eclipse is not recommended.

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