Why Is Alex Pereira Unstoppable? Inside His Latest Victory and Career Highlights

Alex Pereira has quickly risen to the top of the UFC, showing his amazing striking skills and winning titles in two weight divisions.

Let’s dive into his recent fight against Jiri Prochazka,

look at his career highlights, and learn a bit about his personal life.

Alex Pereira’s UFC Journey and Achievements

Recent FightDefended light heavyweight title against Jiri Prochazka at UFC 303
Fight OutcomeWon by TKO in 18 seconds of the second round
Key Victory Moments– Head kick knockout
– Follow-up strikes
– First-round dominance
– Quick finish
– Striking accuracy
UFC Records– Current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion
– Former UFC Middleweight Champion
– UFC Record: 6-1
Statistics– 9 KOs
– 4 first-round finishes
– SLpM: 5.10
– Accuracy: 62%
– SAoM: 3.65
– Defense: 50%
Performance Bonuses– Performance of the Night for debut
– Performance of the Night at UFC 295
Major Wins– UFC 300: KO Jamahal Hill
– UFC 295: TKO Jiří Procházka
– UFC 291: Decision Jan Błachowicz
– UFC 281: TKO Israel Adesanya
– UFC 276: KO Sean Strickland
– UFC 268: TKO Andreas Michailidis
Losses– MMA Debut: Lost to Quemuel Ottoni
– UFC 287: Lost to Israel Adesanya
Kickboxing Record33 wins, 7 losses (21 KOs)
Career Earnings– Total: $1,184,000
– Net Worth: $3M to $5M
– Biggest Payout: $2,942,000 for UFC 300
Diet– Breakfast: Smoothie, Oatmeal, French toast
– Lunch: Tuna, Farro, Salad
– Snacks: Nuts, Grapes, Protein bars
– Dinner: Salmon, Rice, Steak
Family– Sister: Aline Pereira
– Parents: Private
– Children: Two sons
Relationship Status– Previously married, two sons
– Engaged to Merle Christine, now single

The Alex Pereira vs Jiri Prochazka Fight

At UFC 303, Alex Pereira defended his UFC light heavyweight championship against Jiri Prochazka in a highly anticipated rematch.

He won by TKO just 18 seconds into the second round, proving he’s a dominant champion.

This fight followed their earlier match at UFC 295 in November 2023, where Pereira also won with a knockout in the second round.

Fight Breakdown

The rematch at UFC 303 was highly anticipated.

Pereira and Prochazka had faced off before, with Pereira winning decisively.

The second fight was equally thrilling, with Pereira showing his striking prowess again.

The bout ended swiftly in the second round, with Pereira landing a devastating head kick followed by ground strikes, leading the referee to stop the fight.

“Pereira’s precision and power are truly unmatched. The way he ended the fight with Prochazka so quickly speaks volumes about his striking capabilities,” remarked Joe Rogan during the post-fight analysis on UFC Fight Night.

For Prochazka, this marked his second consecutive loss to Pereira, affecting his immediate chances for another title shot in the light heavyweight division.

Key Moments Leading to Pereira’s Victory

  1. Head Kick Knockout: Just 13 seconds into the second round, Pereira delivered a powerful left kick to Prochazka’s head, sending him to the mat.
  2. Follow-Up Strikes: Pereira quickly followed with ground strikes, prompting the referee to halt the fight.
  3. First Round Dominance: Pereira nearly knocked out Prochazka at the end of the first round, showcasing his dominance early on.
  4. Quick Finish: The fight ended just 18 seconds into the second round, demonstrating Pereira’s ability to capitalize on opportunities and finish fights decisively.
  5. Striking Accuracy: Pereira’s precise strikes, especially his signature kicks, were crucial in the fight’s outcome.

This victory marks Pereira’s fourth consecutive win and his successful defense of the UFC light heavyweight championship.

The quick and emphatic nature of the finish further solidifies Pereira’s position as a dominant force in the division.

Alex Pereira’s UFC Records

Alex Pereira’s UFC career is marked by impressive records and achievements.

As of April 2024, he holds the following distinctions:

  • Current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion
  • Former UFC Middleweight Champion
  • UFC Record: 6-1
  • Notable Statistics:
    • 9 wins by knockout in his MMA career
    • 4 first-round finishes in MMA
    • Striking Stats:
      • Significant Strikes Landed per Minute (SLpM): 5.10
      • Significant Striking Accuracy: 62%
      • Significant Strikes Absorbed per Minute (SApM): 3.65
      • Significant Strike Defense: 50%
  • Performance Bonuses:
    • Performance of the Night award for his UFC debut against Andreas Michailidis
    • Performance of the Night award for his victory at UFC 295
  • Championships:
    • Ninth fighter in UFC history to become champion in two different weight divisions (middleweight and light heavyweight)
    • First fighter to become champion in both the middleweight and light heavyweight divisions of the UFC
  • Rankings:
    • Ranked #4 in the UFC men’s pound-for-pound rankings (as of February 2024)

“Alex has an unparalleled work ethic and a hunger for success that you rarely see. His rise in the UFC has been nothing short of meteoric,” commented Dana White, UFC President, in an interview with ESPN.

These records highlight Pereira’s striking abilities, his success across weight classes, and his rapid rise to championship status in the UFC.

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Major Wins in Alex Pereira’s Career

Alex Pereira has secured several major wins in his UFC career, each contributing to his legacy as a formidable fighter:

  1. UFC 300 (April 13, 2024): Pereira knocked out Jamahal Hill in the first round to retain his UFC light heavyweight title.
  2. UFC 295 (November 11, 2023): He stopped Jiří Procházka via strikes in the second round to win the vacant UFC light heavyweight title.
  3. UFC 291 (July 29, 2023): Pereira won a split decision over former light heavyweight champion Jan Błachowicz.
  4. UFC 281 (November 12, 2022): He defeated Israel Adesanya via TKO in the fifth round to win the UFC middleweight title.
  5. UFC 276 (July 2, 2022): Pereira knocked out Sean Strickland in the first round.
  6. UFC 268 (November 6, 2021): In his UFC debut, he stopped Andreas Michailidis via strikes in the second round, earning a Performance of the Night bonus.

These victories highlight Pereira’s success across two weight classes, his ability to finish fights, and his rapid rise to becoming a two-division champion in the UFC.

His wins over established champions and top contenders have solidified his position as one of the most formidable fighters in the organization.

Alex Pereira’s Losses

Despite his impressive record, Alex Pereira has faced setbacks in his career.

As of April 2024, Pereira has two losses in his professional MMA career:

  1. MMA Debut (October 2015): Pereira lost via submission to Quemuel Ottoni.
  2. UFC 287 (April 2023): Pereira lost via knockout to Israel Adesanya in the second round.

“Those losses taught me a lot about myself and my approach to fighting. They made me hungrier and more focused,” Pereira said in a post-fight interview with MMA Junkie.

These losses have been critical learning experiences for Pereira, contributing to his growth and development as a fighter.

He has demonstrated resilience and the ability to bounce back stronger after each defeat.

Alex Pereira’s Kickboxing Record

Before transitioning to MMA, Alex Pereira had an illustrious career in kickboxing. His kickboxing record stands at 33 wins and 7 losses, with 21 of those wins coming by knockout.

  • Notable Achievements:
    • GLORY Middleweight Championship
    • GLORY Light Heavyweight Championship
    • First fighter to hold two weight class titles simultaneously in GLORY
  • Significant Victories:
    • Pereira had notable victories over high-profile opponents like Israel Adesanya in kickboxing.

Pereira’s achievements in kickboxing contributed to his reputation as one of the greatest combat athletes of all time, setting the stage for his successful transition to MMA.

Career Earnings of Alex Pereira

Alex Pereira’s success in the UFC has translated into substantial earnings. Here is a breakdown of his career earnings:

  • Total MMA Recorded Fight Earnings: $1,184,000 (as of an earlier date)
  • Estimated Total Net Worth: $3 million to $5 million (as of 2024)
  • Notable Fight Payouts:
    • UFC 300 vs. Jamahal Hill: $2,942,000 (including $1,200,000 base salary, $1,600,000 PPV payout, $100,000 performance bonus, and $42,000 sponsorship)
    • UFC 295 vs. Jiri Prochazka: $1,197,000
    • UFC 287 vs. Israel Adesanya: $1,767,000
    • UFC 281 vs. Israel Adesanya: $682,000
    • UFC 276 vs. Sean Strickland: $244,000
  • Biggest Single-Fight Payout: $2,942,000 for UFC 300 against Jamahal Hill

Pereira’s earnings have increased significantly as he has become a champion and headlined major events.

His success in the octagon, combined with sponsorships and endorsements, has contributed to his growing net worth.

Alex Pereira’s Diet

Alex Pereira’s diet plays a crucial role in maintaining his performance and physique. He follows a non-vegan diet plan that focuses on healthy foods high in carbohydrates and protein.

Here are the key components of his diet:

  • Breakfast:
    • Banana & blueberry smoothie
    • Oatmeal
    • Blueberry French toast
  • Lunch:
    • Canned tuna
    • Farro
    • Spinach and kale salad
  • Snacks:
    • Raw nuts and frozen grapes
    • Chia seeds or flax seeds
    • Whey protein bars
  • Dinner:
    • Barbecued salmon
    • Brown rice
    • Seared steak and rye panzanella

“I believe in clean eating and staying hydrated. My diet is a crucial part of my training, and I avoid alcohol to keep my body in peak condition,” Pereira shared in an interview with Men’s Health.

Pereira focuses on

meals that provide proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, and essential nutrients.

Drinking plenty of water is a major part of his daily routine, and he chooses fresh, nutritious foods to fuel his training and competition schedule.

Family Members of Alex Pereira

Alex Pereira’s family has played a significant role in his life and career:

  • Sister: Aline Pereira
    • Aline is Alex’s younger sister and also a professional fighter, competing in kickboxing and MMA.
    • She has a 6-2 record in kickboxing and made her MMA debut in 2022.
    • Aline and Alex train together under former UFC champion Glover Teixeira.
    • They share a close sibling bond and support each other’s fighting careers.
  • Parents:
    • Not much is publicly known about Alex Pereira’s parents.
    • His father is reported to be a farmer, and his mother is a homemaker.
    • They are described as supportive of Alex’s fighting career but prefer to remain private.
  • Children:
    • Alex Pereira has two sons from a previous marriage.

Alex Pereira’s Wife

As of the latest information, Alex Pereira is not currently married. Here are key points about his relationship status:

  • Pereira was previously married and has two sons from that marriage, named Lohan Vidal Silva and Alessandro Vidal Silva.
  • He got divorced from his ex-wife, who prefers to maintain her privacy.
  • After his divorce, Pereira was in a serious relationship with Merle Christine, an MMA content creator. They were engaged in 2023 but later broke up.
  • There have been rumors about Pereira potentially dating UFC strawweight fighter Polyana Viana, but there has been no official confirmation of a romantic relationship between them.


Alex Pereira’s journey in the UFC is marked by remarkable achievements, impressive victories, and a few setbacks that have only made him stronger.

His dedication to the sport, combined with his striking prowess and disciplined lifestyle, has established him as a dominant force in the light heavyweight division.

As Pereira continues to defend his title and aim for further success, fans can look forward to more spectacular performances from this exceptional fighter.


What title was Pereira defending?

Pereira was defending his light heavyweight title.

What is Pereira’s new record?

Pereira’s record improved to 11-2.

What is Prochazka’s new record?

Prochazka’s record dropped to 30-5-1.

What did Pereira say about his future plans?

Pereira mentioned the possibility of moving up to heavyweight in the future.

What is Alex Pereira’s height and weight?

Alex Pereira is 6’4″ and weighs 205 pounds.

What is Alex Pereira’s age?

Alex Pereira is 36 years old.

What is Alex Pereira’s ethnicity?

Alex Pereira is of Pataxó indigenous descent from Brazil.

What language does Alex Pereira speak?

Alex Pereira speaks Portuguese.

Who are Alex Pereira’s kids and what are their ages?

Alex Pereira has two sons, Alessandro Vidal Silva, who is 12-13 years old, and Lohan Vidal Silva.

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Why Is Alex Pereira Unstoppable? Inside His Latest Victory and Career Highlights

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